Disclaimer : Our Military Discounts apply only to Veterans which have served or are serving in the Armed Forces..discounts range from project to project. Our Senior Citizens Discounts apply to all Seniors over the age of 65 years discounts very from project to project and are subject to change, with out notice..



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At United Painters Indy we care about our Military Vets by offering a discount on all of our painting services its our way of saying Thank YOU! please contact us so we can be a service too you..We also offer special Seniors citizens rates..

Who is behind United Painters Indy?.. Well it all started in 1992 when Oscar McKee picked up his first paint brush and started on his long career as a professional painter in the Indianapolis area.. painting in many fields of the painting trade, such as production painting, custom painting, new construction, commercial, and residential repaints.. and as time grew along.. Oscar gained in knowledge and skill set.. Then in 2013 started United Painters Indy with his knowledge gained with years of experience in the painting field He knew it wasn't gonna be easy starting a new business in uncertain economic times and with fierce competition.. But with Faith and His wife Kimberly they started a new chapter in Oscar's career as United Painters Indy Founded on "A Higher Standard"  Biblical teachings.. and Family values..so all of His clients can trust in Him to provide great value at a fair price.

We offer special rates..and Discounts..

Who is Behind United Painters Indy?

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